Garage Parking Assistant™ (Open Box tested to original specs)

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    Garage Parking Assistant’s unique design makes it extremely useful to park the vehicle inside the garage. Every time all the times, park your vehicle consistently at the same distance from the front wall. Power saver feature turns off the display when not being used and turns on automatically when it detects movement.

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    Quick Installation

    The product comes with the double sided adhesive pads for the quick installation. The display unit and two sensors needs to be installed on the wall facing the bumper of the vehicle. Just plug in the ac adapter outlet to the display unit and it is ready to go.

    You need to decide at what distance from the front wall, you would like to stop the vehicle.  Depending upon the length of the vehicle and length of the garage, the parking number may be different. Once you have the number, you can stop at the same number, every time you drive in the garage. The display shows the distance in inches from the closest sensor to the bumper.

    Location of the sensor

    Description: Draw a horizontal line on the wall roughly in front of the vehicle number plate. Place a center mark on the line roughly in the front of the vehicle number plate. Place two dots roughly 8” from the center mark. Both the sensors will be installed on these dots.

    Sensor installation

    Description: Place two pieces of the painter’s tape on the dots. Place round double sided adhesive tape on the tape above the dot. Place the sensor on to the adhesive tape, ensure that the cable side of the sensor is at the top. The use of the painter’s tape is optional. This is useful if the display or sensors need to be relocated.

    Carefully insert the sensor cables connectors to the display unit. Consult the user manual for the correct orientation of the connectors.

    Note: Both the sensors, when installed, should be 4-16 inches apart and should face the front bumper of the vehicle. The display unit should be installed after the sensors are in place.

    Important: Garage Parking Assistant has a power down feature. The display turns off when both the sensors sense no distance is changing. The display blinks before turning off. Display turns on automatically when the object in front of the sensors moves.

    Sensor to display connection

    Description: Insert the cable connector carefully on to the display box. Inserting the connector wrong way can damage the pins of the sensor port. Cable behind the connector can be used to push the connector in.

    Note: Check if the connector is fully inserted and locked at its place otherwise the display reading will be unstable.

    Display Unit installation

    Description: Place two double sided tapes on the back of the display unit. Optionally, you can install two pieces of the painters tape on top of the adhesive tape. This is useful if the unit needs to be relocated. Push the display unit firmly on the wall to install it

    Power on

    Description: Insert the ac adapter output to the display unit. Plug in the ac adapter. The unit will display the startup message and then it will display the distance between the object in the front and the sensor.

    Note: The displayed value is the shortest distance between the sensors and the bumper. The sensor works the best when a flat surface is in
    the front. The distance displayed is in inches.

    How It Works

    Best Parking Tips

    1. Park the vehicle for the first time with the help of another person. This way you can find the distance that gives you the optimal space around the vehicle. Once you know the number, you can park the same vehicle using that number.
    2. You can park different vehicles by first knowing the distance number for each vehicle.


    1. Q: What is the minimum and maximum range
      • Minimum 1″ and maximum 98 inches
    2. Q: What distance is displayed
      • Shortest distance of the two sensors is displayed. It is the distance between the sensor head and the bumper of the vehicle.
    3. Q: What is the accuracy of the sensors
      • +/- 1 inch
    4. Q: Why the display shuts off
      • Turning off of the display is a power saving feature. When the distance does not change, the display turns off after blinking for about 10 seconds.
    5. Q: Can I buy it on Amazon
      • Yes it is sold on as well.